Frankenstein: A Gothic Creation

One thought, one conception, one purpose … the unfolding of the deepest mysteries of creation…

Oct 26 2018 - 7:30pm to Oct 26 2018 - 9:30pm

Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley’s terrifying novel of Gothic horror, Frankenstein, was first published.  Its purpose: to consider the unholiest of all questions – what if man were to discover the power of God?

Consumed by the ambition to discover the secret of life, Dr Victor Frankenstein succeeds in creating a living, intelligent creature in his laboratory.  But when the creature stirs, he fears he has unleashed a monster upon the world.  Today, with the unlocking of the secrets of DNA and the possibility of cloning and genetic engineering, it’s a tale that remains as relevant, and as horrifying, as ever.

To celebrate the bicentennial of the novel’s publication, Timeworks Theatre presents a new adaptation of Frankenstein, which evokes both the terror of the novel itself and key events in the life of the woman that spawned it – the stories of Victor Frankenstein, creator of a monster, and Mary Shelley, creator of one of the most celebrated horror stories of all time.


Langley Castle, Hexham, NE47 5LU

Price: £13.50

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