Hexham Spooktacular Pumpkin Trail

Join in Hexham's Spooktacular Pumpkin Trail! Download the Pumpkin Trail Clues Sheet, follow the trail, solve the clues and win a prize! The clues are letters which add up to form a word. Once you have all the letters and have found the word, take it to Katie at Listers Biscuit box to claim your prize..


Oct 24 2020 - 9:00am to Oct 31 2020 - 4:00pm

Organised by Think Small and Hexham Business Group, with the help of Sele First School PTA.

Hexham Gaol, 1520

Rob was starving. He had no money to pay the guards for more food. He lay down on the stone floor, dreaming of his home, which he knew wasn’t far from here. He thought of histhree brothers, out hunting for food, and in his mind he couldhear the spit and crackle of pork roasting on the fire.

He missed his brothers. They stuck together. All Rob’s life, everyone had alway been scared of them. You can go over the hills as far as you like, the locals would say, but don’t ever go near the Rievers Brothers. They’ll steal the hat from your head and the pants from your bottom.

It was only Rob who got caught that day, when he and his brothers came down from the hills and charged through the town, taking whatever they could find. The others got away. He needed to get home now and find them, help keep them safe from the enemies.

It was pitch black in his cell, but there was a tiny window above him. Could he climb the stone wall and force his way out? If he stayed here, he was going to die of hunger.

He closed his eyes and lets himself fall. The ground was hardand he landed with a thud. He heard the crack of a breaking bone and felt pain in his arm, but he had no choice but to ignore it and run. He had to save his life, and his brother’s lives. They couldn’t manage without him.

It was after midnight and Hexham was cold, but the sky was silvered from the light of the full moon above him, and at his feet, he saw a pumpkin. On it was written a letter he couldn’t quite make out.

What was this? he wondered. Could it be a code, to help him find his way back to his brothers?

Rob had no idea how to find his way home. He needed help. He hoped this pumpkin could be the start…

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