Travelling to Hexham Christmas Market

Posted Monday, 4 December, 2023

Hexham's Christmas Market, Abbey Fair and Farmers' Market take place on Saturday, 9th December.

Public transport

  •  We'd advise walking, cycling or using public transport if at all possible as the combined events are very popular.
  • The bus strike is over, which is good news and there is a town bus service.
  • We're not aware of any rail issues on 9th December, but please check before travelling as the drivers' strike may have an impact. 

Parking latest

  • The one-way system for the Heritage Action Zone improvements is supended until January. This is making travel into Hexham from the A69 flow better. 
  • In addition to the established car parks in Hexham (see NCC Hexham parking page for details) there is a long-stay car park beyond the new Travelodge with the majority of spaces free for public use (the Travelodge spaces are clearly signed close to the hotel).
  • You may need a parking disc to display your arrival time for free parking. NCC ones are widely available around town for £1 or you can use any disc that shows your arrival time.
  • Most 'disc space' limits finish at 5pm or 6pm, so that you can stay on into the evening.     
  • NB: There is a large carpark at Maiden Walk (aka M&S/B&M) that is privately owned. We'd advise registering your car online with HOZAH if you plan to park there for an event as there have been regular complaints made by people who have paid by cash.   
  • Blue Badge parking - Beaumont Street will be open on Saturday, so you may be able to park there, but please note that spaces will be at a premium. There are also blue badge spaces in front of Hexham Community Centre and in the car park next to it.

    Please doublecheck all restrictions when you park   

    Image by Roger Clegg

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