​Hadrian's Wall UNESCO World Heritage Site

Hadrian's Wall is Britain’s greatest Roman monument and World Heritage Site. Hexham makes a superb place to stay when exploring Hadrian's Wall. This lovely market town sits south of Hadrian's Wall, roughly in the middle of the 73-mile stretch with all of the main sites in easy reach. Take in the Wall plus the Roman forts and temples dotted around the glorious countryside here, whilst enjoying all of the cultural and foodie opportunities of our town.

The Romans In and Around Hexham 
See the tombstone of the standard bearer Flavinus inside Hexham Abbey
St Wilfrid's Crypt at Hexham Abbey seems to have been built entirely from the remains of Corbridge Roman Town 
Corbridge Roman Town and Museum (8 minute drive) 
Chesters Roman Fort and Museum (11 minute drive)  
Temple of Mithras (15 minute drive) 
Housesteads and ​Sycamore Gap (20 minute drive) 
Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum (20 minute + 8 minute drive) 
Birdoswald Roman Fort (35 minute drive) 

Want to see Hadrian's Wall without a car? You can catch the AD122 bus from Hexham. This bus route is one of the most scenic in Britain and runs along the old Roman military road.


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